Mirjam de Rijk

Mirjam: I grew up in the Netherlands in Europe. My husband and I moved to California in 1997 and love living here. The reason I started Real Estate was to have an education in USA. I was looking for a job after I got my ‘greencard’. A friend told me that I would be a good person to do Real Estate and after looking into that I figured the study would be interesting. It would force me to become more familiar with the American measurement system (Europe is metric) so that’s what I did. After passing the exam I interviewed with a broker who had a great in-house training program so that’s how I got started. I came to realize that I do love Real Estate, notwithstanding that it is hard work and there is much to learn. I enjoy the constant training as well as the fact that there are constant changes. It makes it interesting.

Besides Real Estate, I do love to go wine tasting with friends, love to travSonoma Countyel, photography, sewing (lately I haven’t had much time for this), gardening, like to cook and am interested in healthy living. The list is longer, but these are my main interests.



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