Selling a home and your privacy

One of the blog postings a little over 2 years ago was about Streetview by Google. A great tool to learn more about a neighborhood and a property. As Realtors, when we put a house on the market, we want to feature all the special features about a property. One of the ways we promote a property is by doing an open house. About 8 years ago, open houses were part of the marketing mix but not that important. That has changed, 85% of buyers look at houses online and most of them visit open houses. More so than before, a sale might be the result of an open house.

A Man’s home is his Castle, the old castle had a moat around it. To protect against intruders. Now or moats ate created by voice mail, use of PO boxes, locks and security systems. When you put your house on the market you expose your house and a little of your life style to people you do not know. There is a fine line between marketing a home and your privacy. As Realtor we like to take lots and lots of pictures to show the home… look at the pictures: what do they show about you -not the house-.¬† When there is a showing… do not leave your credit card statement or your credit card on your desk in your home office: buyers will not go through your drawers but when it’s openly there… To name just a few.

With the increased popularity of Facebook and other networking sites, it is important to think about how much you want the outside world to know. Privacy has taken on a whole different meaning. Houses are being robbed after people stated very clear on Facebook that they were on vacation…

Back to selling your house, some examples: What about that precious collection of priceless art? The large collection of guns? The type and location of the security system? The super collection of kitchen knives?

When I list a house these things are important. Depending on the situation I advise my clients on issues regarding privacy. This is one of the reasons I am a firm believer of Staging a House and do have the ASP designation. Preparing a home for sale, sell the lifestyle that comes with the house/location and paint a picture for prospective buyers, keeping a target market in mind.

With Streetview, Google does things to protect your privacy, you have to think about your specific situation when you put your house on the market. When you decide to sell your house, think about what’s important for you and discuss this with your realtor who can give you great advise for your situation. You want to sell so expose your house as much as possible, it is good to address this beforehand.


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