The Roof over your Head

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Before I moved to California I was under the impression that roofs were either thatched or made of tile. My grandparents had a thatched roof made of reed. This was customary for the older farm houses. I had always lived in homes with tile roofs and these tiles usually last at least 50 years. My brother lives in a house that is over a 100 years old, he replaced the tiles on his roof about 6 years ago. The tile he replaced was the original…
Right now in Sonoma County roofs made of composition shingles are most common. The quality of the roof depends on the quality of the installation.
What I see is that cheaper is never better. Many roofers offer ‘deals’ on roofs: they offer the thinnest material available (lasting 15 years) and in order to work faster they quite often use stapes instead of nails.
Their ‘deals’ usually start having problems within 5 years… Shingles blow off during the stormy season causing leaks. Missing or improper installation of flashing will cause problems like for instance water intrusion in the walls…
And last but not least, there is a severe risk in using roofers who are not properly insured or don’t have a license. Should a roofer fall off the roof, the homeowner may be responsible. Depending on the insurance this may or may not be insured under your home owners insurance… You might want to talk to your insurance agent first before contacting a roofer. If you have been following my blog you know that I would recommend contacting Erin Temple with Vantreo Insurance – (707) 303-2574…

A good roof over your head is important if you need a referral to a reputable, local manufacturer certified roofer, just let me know.